We create user-friendly e-commerce presence for you, using known technologies such as WooCommerce or custom CMS.
We provide attractive mobile friendly Web design with Advanced Search and product filters, Customer Registration option, clearly designed Shopping card and Simple Checkout. Also we can integrate Card Payment System (e.g. VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX), Paypal or Post payment.


Medical clothing TMG-RS


For clients from TMG-RS, we have created an modern design E-commerce website (web shop) for selling medical equipment, which is headquartered in Novi Sad. With the help of internet sales, TMG-RS found customers in Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro, etc.

Package type: ON REQUEST

Goals: Modern design | E-commerce



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Simple and flexible

The intuitive and simple user interface design allows you to easily add, edit or delete products, their images, descriptions, quantity, price, discount, balance as well as manage orders.

Product variability

Offer any product variation of different sizes in accordance with standards, colors, fabrics, factory specifications or other relevant variations. Besides, you can display a different image and price for each variation of a product.

Payment and discounts

Charge your products or services through payment processors like PayPal or Card Payment System (e.g. VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX). The products you sell can be physical or digital, and you can also offer your customers a discount coupon.

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